Supplemental Recommendation Letters for College

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Some schools will allow you to submit supplemental recommendation letters. These can be from other people who know you really well. A popular supplemental recommendation letter is from a coach or instructor who worked with you outside of school on an extracurricular activity. Sometimes these people know you better than your teacher, since you spend more one on one time with them. Also, if you worked on a research project or internship with a professor, it is a good idea to get a letter from them that talks about how you contributed to the project. This provides the admissions committee a college professor’s view of you, which can sometimes be a game changer for applicants. The final type of supplemental recommendation letter you have to consider is a peer recommendation letter. Some schools ask for these as they can provide a unique perspective on the applicant. You should ask a trusted and close friend to write the letter honestly. You should choose someone you know is not applying to the same school to prevent any mishappenings. 

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