College Admissions Interview Etiquette

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The most important thing you can do during the interview is being yourself. These interviewers are chosen for their skill in “people reading.” You should take advantage of this by being completely truthful and honest. It is understood that sometimes you have to paint a prettier truth for the interview, but never lie. Your tone does not have to be extremely formal, but it should also not be informal, impolite, and under no circumstances should you use slang words. You should approach your interviewer with respect and kindness. 

Your attire should match the venue where you are meeting. For males slacks and a dress shirt are a must at any venue, but you can decide on a tie and sports coat based on where you are meeting. For females, a business suit or a skirt and a blouse are ideal and accessories should complement the venue. Some people will tell you that the attire does not matter, but the saying “dress to impress” has stuck around because its true. People do judge you based on your clothing, and it can never hurt to be dressed professionally!

Your parents should wait outside and out of eyesight during the interview. Seeing them could trigger anxiety, and it is best to tell them you will meet up with them when the interview is over. After the interview, you should send a thank you note to the interviewer thanking them for their time. It might seem cheesy, but a thank you note shows you appreciate them and value other people’s time. 

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