Choosing A College Essay Topic

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The first step in writing your college essay is to sit down and reflect on your entire life. That was a pretty big task I just gave you, but this step is critical to writing a stellar college essay. The college essay should be about the reasoning behind your actions and achievements, not a list of said actions and achievements. Show the admissions committee that you made thoughtful decisions based on your passion


Still no topic? Here are a few techniques to help you get going. These are just meant to get you thinking and not necessarily give you the exact topic to write about. 

  1. Your favorite place to think
  2. A mindset changing event
  3. A life long philosophy you’ve adopted
  4. Your favorite book
  5. The most influential person and activity in your life
  6. Make a timeline of the last four years- highlighting possible essay topics
  7. It’s also a good idea to look at essays that other schools you are not applying to ask their applicants to write. You might find one that you have the perfect answer to!

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