Making the Most of College Visits and Tours

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You should visit every college you want to apply to before you apply, if it is possible. Nothing helps you understand whether or not the school is a good choice than actually being on the campus. You should take the official tour, because the Admissions Office will often keep track of who visits the campus. During tours, it is important to not be texting or talking while your guide is talking. You should be poised to impress. You should also look into shadowing a student to get a first hand account of college life. It will also help you get off of the beaten pathway of the tour and see things that the school has not emphasized. You might be allowed to sit in during classes if you go during the school year. If you cannot visit the campus in person, it is a good idea to find a virtual tour that will provide some of the same benefits of visiting. Many schools have them on their own sites, and sites like YouTube have user-uploaded versions as well. 

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