Home Schooling and College Admissions

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If you are student who is home schooled, it is often harder to provide some of the required application materials. For a home-schooled student, standardized tests are a better indication of academic potential than grades, and are therefore weighed more heavily. It is important that you still engage in various activities. For example, volunteering or holding a job are both things that do not require the support of a local school. You could join a community sports team or contact local schools and see if they are willing to help you out. The final important thing is to make sure your recommendation letters are from people besides your parents. Although your teachers will be your parents, it will be better to submit letters from other academic people in your life, such as a mentor for a research project or professor for a college class. Most colleges require your parents to fill out the counselor recommendation letter and a unique supplement for students that are home schooled.

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