Athlete Status and College Admissions

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Being an athlete gives you a special status with many schools that have competitive athletic teams. Schools will often actively recruit athletes that they think will benefit their school’s athletic standing. However, being a great athlete alone will not get you into the top universities. It is important to be a scholar athlete, as in an athlete who also excels in her academics. The Ivy League was formed as a sport confederation to normalize recruiting practices for some of the top northeastern universities. Athlete applicants should lookup NCAA rules and procedures and make sure they follow all guidelines that are in effect. It is important to remember that athletes sometimes have different deadlines and procedures. You should make sure you contact the coaches of the schools you are applying to. If they are interested in recruiting you, they might come to an event to see you in action. Having your current coach write a letter about your leadership and athletic abilities is also beneficial if you plan on playing a sport in college.

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